Identity Shift Series with Pastor Dexter Howard


Pastor, International Speaker, Author

Dexter Howard is an author, international speaker, and pastor who freely admits that he once was “a preacher with a problem.” He was a man of integrity and faith, yet he suffered from fatherlessness causing him to be spiritually frustrated, overly religious and too self-reliant. Today he leads vibrant churches and pastors believers internationally through his teachings on how to embrace the identity God intended for each person as His specially selected children.

Through his book Identity Shift: The Change That Changes Everything, Howard reveals his personal struggle. He gives clear instruction on the root of fatherlessness and how men and women can overcome its effects. Howard has developed programs for Christians who are searching for deeper meaning and purpose. He leads Identity Shift participants beyond the borders of casual Christianity into a more dynamic spiritual sonship as they claim their full inheritance as God’s adopted sons and daughters.

Dexter is the co-founder of Howard International Ministries and The Restoration Place family of churches with his lovely wife Genette Howard. He is also the founder of The Strong Man Movement©. He travels extensively throughout the United States, Africa, and Haiti as a teacher, encourager, and humanitarian. He leads The Restoration Place Church with locations in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dexter Howard | Pastor, Speaker, Author, Global Ministry Leader
Dexter Howard Pastor, Speaker, Author

Identity is everything.  It is the key that opens up the grand vault door of Heaven.

Pastor Dexter Howard



Join Dexter for a five-week online experience with weekly instruction and insights.
Learn your true identity as God sees you and claim your inheritance as a hand-chosen all-in child of God.